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December 17, 2012

'Tis the season

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Woodward, Okla. — By Janet Fitz

"Tis the Season"

What is the "Tis the Season"?  Is it Jesus Birth? Is it Santa Claus? Is it Gifts? Is it Giving? Is it Snow? Is it cold weather? Is it all the above? What does "Tis the Season"  mean to you? Have you really ever gave it a thought?

 Lets talk about what it means to me. It has always meant to me its the time leading up to the birth of my Savior. When I was young it was Santa Claus and gifts. The time I spent in retail business it meant people giving flowers and that I would be busy wrapping every plant and flower arrangement to protect them from the snow and cold weather. So, I have used several reasons over the years of what it has meant to me in the past. As I set and write this article I think about my family and what fun we have had during the Christmas season over the 50+ years of my life. I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot of precious memories and I thank the Lord for every day I have.

 I know you are thinking where is she going with this article, well here it is.  I heard on the street the other day by accident people talking to each other about the Season. They were saying how commercialized the Christmas season has gotten. I will be the first to agree but what I heard next I do disagree with.  What I heard was this: That businesses care about is making all the money they can during the Christmas Season. I thought to myself, well they’re in business to make money no matter when it is in our yearly calender. Then I thought to myself Woodward Main Street businesses give year around to many projects and give of themselves to make shopping fun, easy, and affordable  for their customers. I know that our businesses are there to serve you in this "Tis the Season" but they do not forget what the season is really about.

Here are a few of the Main Street business owners comments to me when I asked them what 'Tis the Season" meant to them.

 Dana from The Flower Pot: To be grateful for the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 Jane from Merle Norman: Spending precious time with family and friends sharing the wonderful love of our Lord and Savior. The joy of watching kids eyes sparkle when they hear Christmas songs and see presents under the tree.

 Kim from The Gazebo: Its the time to think of others and your family.

 Norma from The Gazebo: The birth of Christ

 Dayna from Competition Sports:  a Season of sharing and spending time with friends and family

 Kris from Cowboy Tack Shop: To enjoy the world thru your grandchildren’s eyes. Simple pleasures like bright lights, a cookie with sprinkles, the excitement of a package under the tree with your name on it,& having everyone you love in the same house.

 Sally from Sally's Frames & Quiltworks: The birth of Jesus and enjoying Harlyn's first Christmas

 Take time to think about what the Season means to you and share the love.

Merry Christmas to all of you


 P.S. I was not in Woodward when I heard the people talking it was in OKC.   

Janet Fitz is the Woodward Main Street Director