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October 24, 2012

The most important election in . . .

Woodward, Okla. — By Johnny McMahan

A couple of thoughts . . .

Just got e-mail number 7,500 or so from some group claiming Barack Obama is out to destroy America and must be defeated this year.

Interesting thing, though, none of these e-mails endorse Mitt Romney either, just trash Obama.

I also get e-mails from other groups trashing Romney (though not as many). Hey, why not? Heaven forbid anyone say something nice about the people we have running for president.

The other most popular e-mails I get these days tell me this is the most important election in the history of the nation. Of course, we heard the same thing in 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996 . . . you get the point. I'm pretty sure the republic will find a way to survive whatever happens on Nov. 6. Personally I hope we have a new president, but if not, I expect the country will still be here in 2016 and I expect that will then become the most important election in the history of the nation.


Hey, have you heard about the fiscal cliff.

You know, the calamity coming in 2013 when, unless Congress acts, taxes will go up and spending cuts will strike domestic and defense programs.

Oh the horror.

We're hearing about massive layoffs, a double dip recession and all sorts of disasters that will send the economy tumbling in a free fall.


With a $16 trillion debt and elected officials who really don't seem to care much about it - ok some do, but most are all talk - aren't we already in something of a free fall.

So why not go over the "Fiscal Cliff" and see what happens?

You can argue it will take some combination of tax increases and spending cuts to even begin to get the nation's finances on some sort of decent foundation.

If so, isn't this the way to go?

Tax increases will affect just about everyone - we're all in this together, right?

Spending cuts certainly will affect just about everyone in one way or another. Shared pain and sacrifice is a good thing, right?

Now, the fiscal cliff thing may not actually come about because I suspect Congress will find a way to delay or kick the can down the road a few more months as it usually does (Gosh, if you’re in Congress you definitely don’t want to make a tough decision).

But if Congress and the President can't agree, let's all step off that fiscal cliff.

We may be in for a surprise and it might not turn the whole world upside down.

In fact, it could turn out to be the best thing two warring parties could have done.

What do you think, ready to take the leap?

Johnny McMahan is managing editor of the Woodward News.

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