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March 5, 2012

Weight A Minute: You got this!

I have been preparing for a full (26.2) marathon,. However this Sunday I have a half (13.1) marathon in Little Rock, AR, and I am somewhat freaked out! I have a new PR (personal record) goal, which I'm not sharing yet (maybe in next week’s article). I read somewhere that you can have a plan but do not expect to always be able to follow that plan ... well, hello, if you've been following my column then you know this to be so true! It has been extremely hard to get runs in when I like to do boot camps and I have a bike class and by evening, well let's face it I just don't want to do anything when I get off work!

That being said, however, I do believe that you most definitely need to have a plan of some kind. Take baby steps, but have a plan. (Of course I tend to just jump all in ... not always the wisest decision I might add.) Just like most things in life, if there is no plan there is often chaos! You also need to train or practice in order to become the  best you can be. To be honest, I just keep pushing myself because I am so afraid of going backwards. I want to keep in a constant forward motion in everything I do!

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, no matter what challenge you are facing.

Remember, YOU GOT THIS!

Week 13 Day 1

Plan: 45 Minute Easy Run

Actual Workout:  Nothing

Week 13 Day 2

Plan: Long Run

Actual Workout: 6.5 Miles

Week 13 Day 3

Plan: 50 Minute Easy Run

Actual Workout: - Nothing

Week 13 Day 4

Plan: 30-40 Minute Cross Training

Actual:  Bike class       

Week 13 Day 5

Plan: 40 Minute Easy Run

Actual: Nothing - Rest

Week 13 Day 6

Plan: 30-40 Minute Cross Training

Actual:  Bike Class

Week 13 Day 7

Plan: Long Run

Actual:  Traveling to Little Rock

Sheila Gay is the advertising director for the Woodward News

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