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November 3, 2011

Same direction, different roads

Woodward, Okla. — By Gary Goetzinger

Things are changing fast.  So let’s bring you up to date on some additional changes at the Woodward Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).  A focused direction for the CVB and the Conference Center.  

We are opening a new Conference Center sometime around the first of the year 2012.  We also have the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).  So  how do the CVB and the Conference Center work together?  Let me explain the differences and then we will discuss how they will be managed.

The CVB is the sales and coordination arm of the conference, convention and event business.  Their function is to bring these events to Woodward.  They do not run these events, they promote, and support conferences, conventions and events.  They offer coordination of the event with the resources that are needed to make the event flow smoothly.  They coordinate catering, setups, audio/visual, tables, chairs etc.

The CVB markets these resources to inbound groups and events.  They do not run or develop the event…they support the meeting planner, and organization associated with the event.

Organizationally, Jim Curtiss is the Executive Director over the CVB.  Debbie Hickman, is the Director and Public Relations for the CVB.  Jennifer Newton is the new Event Coordinator I.  This team markets to and works with the groups to achieve their goals and assist with their success.  No two events, conferences, conventions, rodeos, meetings etc. are the same.  However, each needs to succeed with its goals and mission.  The team of the CVB helps this happen.

Now lets talk about the new Conference Center.  Jim Curtiss is also the Executive Director in charge of the Conference Center.  He will have a new Event Coordinator II on board one month before the opening of the Conference Center.

The Conference Center is managed separate from the CVB.  The CVB must concentrate on filling the Conference Center.  The CVB cannot take time to manage the multitude of details associated with the Conference Center.  This will fall to the Executive Director and the Event Coordinator II.  

The Center has its own set of goals.  It maintains a schedule, a set of operation guidelines, inventories of resources, from dishes to Audio/Visual equipment, it must coordinate between event functions and maintenance requirements … including the kitchen sink.  The Center works in coordination with the CVB, but the two have different missions and visions.  They both are going in the same direction, but they are going on different roads.

The CVB road includes Rodeos, Sports, Hunting, non-Conference Center bookings at the Josie Adams, Pioneer Hall and other venue locations.  The CVB must keep its vision on the big picture of NW Oklahoma.

The Conference Center has a mission and vision associated with a facility.  It will have Primary and Secondary objectives.  The Woodward Conference Center (WWCC) has primary and secondary usage requirements as defined by the availability of space and scheduling.

The primary use of the facility is the promotion of economic development through the scheduling of state and regional conferences, activities, seminars and events.  Top priorities are those activities that require multiple days to facilitate.  These include organizations, associations, societies, companies, educational institutions and hospitals.

The secondary use of the facilities will be used for community, civic, social, recreational, weddings, graduations, educational events, and locally generated activities as determined by availability of space and scheduling.

The determination of which event or function is primary or secondary and the ultimate decision as to scheduling is the responsibility of the Executive Director.

So there it is!!!  The two driving forces of the Tourism and Convention business in Woodward and NW Oklahoma.  A focused direction for the CVB and the Conference Center. 

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