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November 3, 2011

One very busy city

Woodward, Okla. — I am sure you’ve noticed that Woodward is a very busy city.  We’ve welcomed many groups and visitors this month to our great community.  

Woodward is also busy about educating.  It was my pleasure to take part in the National Football Coin Toss commemorating the one hundredth anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth.  As Mayor, I was honored to flip the Centennial Coin and am proud that our school was participating in this event exposing our kids to nationally-relevant current events.  

The High Plains Technology Center is another tier of Woodward’s wonderful educational system.  

Recently, I was asked to be a guest of honor at their facility, and I was very impressed with how the HPTC is keeping up with the career-training needs of our community in the sectors of automotive, business, health, energy and more.  If you want to better yourself or find employment in one of these fields you should check them out.

I also spent an evening with the Boy Scouts last week to discuss the operation of city government.  I was joined by Woodward’s Municipal Court Judge Justin Eilers who explained how our city judicial system works.  Isn’t it great to see education taking place all around our community?

The Woodward County Conservation District asked me to be a guest at their last meeting where I received some education myself.  Obviously, one of their great concerns is the quantity and quality of water in our region.  

I was interested to learn about the action plan they have developed to help control wind and water erosion and protect our wildlife habitat.  They have a wealth of information and are a great resource for our community.  You should call them with your questions.

Woodward is bustling and I am very proud to be a part of all that is going on.  I would encourage you to be involved in one way or another.  Keep shopping locally!  Our city sales tax is up over 14% from last year!  If you’ve ever had to sit at the corner of 9th and Oklahoma Ave. for more than one red light, you may not be as excited as I am about Woodward being busy, but what is the alternative?  

Should we desire less activity?  

I don’t think so.  I believe we are poised to solve the problems that face a growing, vibrant community as long as we work together.  The busiest corner in city is also home to our fire department, which is a problem we will have to face in the near future.

Thanks for reading – Mayor Roscoe Hill

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