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August 8, 2012

Main Street Moments: Who Are We?

Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — By Janet Fitz

Have you ever given it a thought of who are the people who have businesses on Main Street? Well, they are your next door neighbor, lady from down the street, a man from around the block or the couple who live in the country. These merchants are the ones who support your children’s fund raisers, give you a donation for any charity event and never have to ask corporate head quarters if they can give.  

The Main Street merchants are the ones who pay taxes and their money stays here in town not some other state or country. Theses business owners have had kids in school or still do have kids in school that support every sporting event and function Woodward has. These businesses are the back bone and heart of our fair City.  These people are the same ones who worry day after day is someone going to come into my business today and buy an item, so I can pay my bills. They are not big box stores who have 60 of the same blouse or thousands of a candle, but Main Street Businesses are there to serve you and are willing to help you find what you are looking for.  

We may have to order that certain product, but we appreciate your business and want you to come back again, so most of your Retail Businesses will do anything to keep business in town. So, who are we, we are your Friends who own local businesses in Woodward, who support Woodward, and call Woodward home.

After the Land Run in 1893 Woodward Main Street acquired the first eating establishment at 9th and Main Operated by Mattie Collins, Gerlach Brothers opened a store and bank, LP Northup Jewelry Store was established, Jay Thomas opened a drugstore at 819-Main and a School was established at 5th and Main with all grades in one room. Main Street has been in existence since 1893 with locals owning businesses that served Woodward and surrounding areas.  Woodward in 1893 was also considered the most extensive cattle shipping point in Oklahoma.

Times have moved forward and Woodward Main Street is still an active business district with locals owning the businesses and giving back to the community.  

Thank you Main Street Businesses for all you do for the community and for being a unique group of business owners.

Janet Fitz is the Woodward Main Street director