The Woodward News

December 23, 2011

Agree to disagree

Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — By Rich Macke

I’m not sure what it is in people that make them think just because they have a different opinion of something, that they are right and you must be wrong. Why can we both not be right? And just agree to disagree. It saves a lot of frustration that way.

I know many of you have run-ins with the same type of people, so you know what I mean, those people that know more about your business or life than you do.

I received a letter in the mail the other day that basically said this person didn’t like something that we added to the paper every week and we needed to change it or the Woodward News was going to be a thing of the past, more or less.

Let me also state that this person did not sign their own name or give a return address to this letter, which says a lot in its own right. But, none-the-less, this person was adamant about their feelings enough to send in their typed note without knowing about the continued growth the Woodward News has seen over the past year and a half.

If given the chance to reply to this individual I would have pointed out that, I’m sorry that they may not like this weekly addition to the paper, but there are quite a few others that do. And we know this from all the positive comments our readers make on our Facebook site, in person or in letters we receive. I think I would also let this individual know that readership continues to grow every month over prior month. Meaning more subscribers sales in both home delivery and single copy and does not show a trend that the Woodward News is going anywhere anytime soon, which is fantastic from my viewpoint. Operational revenues are at a five year high, which is not the norm for our industry these days. In addition, by being able to hit these high revenues, we have also been able to increase our editorial staff which has in turn increased the local content in the Woodward News.

Now please understand that I am not saying this to gloat, because these successes are from a lot of hard work from our entire team here. I merely wish to use this as an example of how people can state an opinion on something they know very little, if anything about. Although for those cynical individuals, actual facts won’t matter anyway, they will still feel they are right and you are wrong.

Your passion for running your business the best way you know how should ultimately be all that matters. So the next time you are involved with someone of this mindset, just take the high road, don’t stress about it and just agree to disagree because we all have more important things to do.   

Rich Macke is publisher of the Woodward News.