The Woodward News

December 23, 2011

Then don't say anything

Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — By Sheila Gay

"If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything."

Heard by many a child from their parents. I do think this quote has merit even as you grow into adulthood. We can sometimes become so negative towards others and the goals they have set for themselves. Negative words can truly hurt people and sometimes they can even cause the person the words are directed at to stumble and fall. STOP that, you bully!!

Let me just say that EVERYONE has value!

Don't let anyone make you feel incapable of accomplishing any challenge that is set before you.

Don't ever let anyone make you feel small or incapable.

Don't ever let anyone bring you down by their words or actions.

Brush it off like it was dandruff and focus on what YOU know you can and will do. For anyone whose intent is to bring others down to make themselves feel better about themselves, SHAME ON YOU! --And you should be on the naughty list!

As 2012 approaches maybe a new year resolution for us all – treat others with respect, be encouraging, and inspire others to new challenges. Most of all if you see someone working to improve their health, lifestyle, or whatever, don't be the stumbling block be the support they need. You never know,  one day you may be the one who needs encouragement.

Week 4 Day 1

Plan: 45 Minute Easy Run

Actual Workout: Bike Class

Week 4 Day 2

Plan: 30-40 Minute Cross Training

Actual Workout: 50 minute Bike Class

Week 4 Day 3

Plan: 50 Minute Easy Run

Actual Workout: - 51 Minute run (4.2 miles)

Week 4 Day 4

Plan: 30-40 Minute Cross Training

Actual:  Bike class (AM)

            Bike class (PM)

Week 4 Day 5

Plan: 40 Minute Easy Run

Actual: 50 minutes (4 miles)

Week 4 Day 6 and 7

Merry Christmas

Sheila Gay is the advertising manager of the Woodward News.