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March 5, 2012

Main Street membership drive nearing

Woodward News

— Have you seen all the cars on Main Street? What a great feeling to see people working, eating, shopping and walking down our Main Street. The Main Street Program has worked hard on getting places rented this month to new businesses. Look forward to seeing new businesses pop up in April and May.

Main Street is having a membership drive coming up this next week. Want to be apart of Woodward Main Street? Contact me as we have several levels of membership. Your memberships help bring events to our Main Street and help improve Main Street's character.

We will be going to the State Capital this month to meet the legislators about keep Main Street alive efforts, plus promoting Woodward and what we have to offer here in our fine town. I have so many ideas for Main Street that some days I wish I had the money to make the ideas real. If you ever want to open up a business and don’t know what you want to do I can help. (I have lots, lots and lots of ideas.)  It never hurts to dream and why not dream big? It can be reality.

March 31 Main Street is holding our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Watch for the event details toward the end of the month. We had over 300 kids have fun hunting eggs last year. This year we will have eggs filled with candy and money. Each age group will have three winners.

Last week Main Street held a fundraiser. We want to be able to buy a storage building to be put at the office and we need to raise the money for it. We made 150 pounds of chicken salad and sold it to our friends and families. Whew what a day! We raised half of the money that we need and I want to say Thank You to all the people who bought the chicken salad plus all the people who helped Main Street make the chicken salad. If you twist our arms hard enough we will make chicken salad again in May.

I just want to take this time to say Thank you to the City of Woodward officials and commissioners who have worked with me on several projects for Main Street. You have stood behind me and guided me when we need help with some Main Street issues and I want you to know that I appreciate all you have done for Main Street.

We have a new project starting and we are looking forward to working toward a new look for Main Street. It may have taken several years in the making, but the city commissioners and officials have stood firm in that we need new sidewalks and streets for Main Street. Not everyone is going to agree on projects that take place, but by the hands of the men and women who believe in Woodward we will move forward with our streetscape. I do believe Woodward is a great place to live, raise a family and own a business.  

See you on Main Street!


Janet Fitz is the MainStreet manager