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March 11, 2012

Success is blooming

New growth is here . . . . . . It looks like an early Spring in Woodward.

It is great to see all the signs that come with Spring and the growth this region is enjoying seems to keep accelerating.  I have been at several events and meetings recently that have all had the same theme. “Success is blooming in Woodward and Northwest Oklahoma!!”   

The City Leaders have teamed successfully with many others to make this a fertile area for intelligent growth.  And the collaboration the hospital enjoys as a part of this community means that our health care system also continues to move forward. My wife, Kelly, just helped with a celebration called “Woodward in Bloom.”  In the days prior, our dining room table was adorned with bouquet centerpieces.  The blooms were not flowers, but rather pictures of dozens of Northwestern Oklahoma landmarks and developments from the last several months and years.  Being relatively new to the area, I did not fully appreciate that many of these accomplishments were the result of a comprehensive community wide visioning process in 2000. It is now easy to see how the culture of progress is shared by so many, and has resulted in so many successes.

At Woodward Regional Hospital we are proud of the new developments going on here as well.  Chris Tarpein, our new physician assistant, and Shawna Logan, our new nurse practitioner, enjoyed meeting City and community leaders and members at their community reception. They are both currently accepting new patients.

When we recognize all our new providers as well as several more promising prospects in our future, it is hard not to get excited about our growth this spring.  I am proud of the improvements to our community and our hospital.  I am proud that the ladies and gentlemen who work for Woodward Regional Hospital can make such a profound difference in the lives of those we serve.  And I am proud to represent the Woodward Bouquet that will bloom brightly this spring and for many more seasons.

Dave Wallace is the CEO at Woodward Regional Hospital.

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