The Woodward News

March 11, 2012

Great Year for High Plains Technology Center

Woodward News

— With just 2 ½ months left in the current school year and the appearances and feel that spring has sprung, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what a great year it has been for High Plains Technology Center.  When I try to put my finger on why we (High Plains) have had such a great year, my mind keeps taking me to one word…”partnerships”!  

High Plains has had great things happen in the past and we haven’t slowed down any with our current year.  High Plains Tech has been very fortunate to be awarded several grants for energy training (oil and gas as well as wind and solar).   These grants have provided funding for programs that were desperately needed in our area to equip our local workforce with the needed skills to be able to gain employment.  

These grants have allowed High Plains Tech Center to train over 6,000 workers for the energy sector.  Not only did these grants provide the training and equipment needed, they also provided jobs for several instructors and coordinators.  

Since these funds were not available locally to accomplish this goal, the grants allowed us to expand our training without any additional burden on our local taxpayers….a great “Win-Win” situation!  This lofty goal did not happen with just the hard work of the High Plains Tech board and staff…this goal was accomplished by many organizations and individuals (i.e., oil and gas companies, wind companies, City of Woodward, Woodward Industrial Foundation, Congressmen, Senators, Representatives, media outlets, local chambers, local business and industry, local elected officials, partner schools and towns) all working together for a POSITIVE common goal!   

The Siemens Distribution Center is another positive collaborative effort that would not have happened without organizations and individuals working together for the betterment of our communities and our state.  

I am proud to say I cherish the partnerships we have at High Plains Technology Center and plan to continue to expand on these partnerships as we move in a POSITIVE forward direction!



Dwight R. Hughes, Superintendent