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February 6, 2012

Moving forward

Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — By Janet Fitz

Are we moving forward? It looks like we are. Hope you are ready for the next boom in Woodward. We have buildings changing hands all over town and lots of construction.  New housing developments must mean we are getting new people into Woodward. That’s a good thing for Woodward and our economy. There is still room for some good businesses to locate on Main Street and we welcome reliable businesses to our area.  

As times changes we need to change with the times and not look back at what happened years ago. Main Street welcomes the new businesses to Woodward and the new people making Woodward their home. Woodward is a great place to live and you can make the town what it is or you can stand back and gripe about it.  I choose to live here and enjoy my time spent here every day.  I may visit another city or state but I’m always glad to enter Woodward city limits. Woodward is my Home!

You can’t tell me that there is no job out there for you when the paper is full of job listings. Not everyone is going to make the big bucks, but every job is an important one. No matter if you make minimum wage, if you do your best at the job you have there’s room for advancement. I have been the low man on the totem pole and I worked my way to a decent living. I don’t understand people who would rather live off the government than work or steal to make their living. What are we teaching our kids?  I guess I’m on my soap box but I’m tired of people stealing and getting away with it.

My merchants work hard to make a living in their mom and pop stores and when people steal merchandise it makes all of us mad. We have a duo of women making the rounds and stealing clothing, decor, shoes, purses, jewelry, tv’s, and anything else that they can get away with. During the holidays we had someone put nine pairs of jeans inside their clothing and kids stealing rings, so where are our morals and ethics. Do we have morals anymore?  Some of you are saying it is the businesses fault or lack of supervision but if the owner is the only person working and someone else distracts the owner there’s not much you can do. One of our duos went in a business and the owner followed her around and she keep telling the owner she was looking, for her to go on and work, that she would tell the owner when she found something. Needless to say the owner never left the known shoplifters side and soon the lady left the store.  

As she left the store she told the owner she could not find anything she liked in the store, I bet if the owner had not of stayed with the known shoplifter she would of found something she liked and put it in her purse or pocket.  The owners have a terrible time as they want to take matters into their own hands, but we have to abide by the laws. There is one thing a business can do and that is ban known shoplifters from their stores. If all business owners will stick together maybe just maybe we can stop some of the crimes from happening.

If you see someone stealing report it to the store you are in that will help us in catching these crooks. My opinion for this week is GET A JOB, DON’T STEAL, and God will smile down on you.

Have you ever won anything? Well here’s your chance to win over $500 worth of Main Street merchandise. You simply have to go in stores and sign up for the drawing.

The drawing will be held Feb.14 and announced on the morning show on KWFX 100.1. The merchants have collected gift certificates, gifts, flowers, candy, and clothing for the one lucky winner. What fun it will be to see what all you have won, so take the time to sign up and I wish you Good Luck.       

See you on Main Street

Janet Fitz is the Woodward Main Street director.