The Woodward News

February 20, 2012

City doing well

Woodward News

— By Roscoe Hill

Our city is doing very well.  

Our economy is still growing.  Sales tax revenues continue to out perform previous years, and I believe we have a very healthy and strong community, but I’ve been reminded recently that if Woodward will continue to be a great place to live, we must be willing to stand up for what is in the best interest of our region.

 The State of Oklahoma is reviewing its comprehensive water plan.  Woodward is a part of the Panhandle district along with nine other counties.  I attended a meeting where four state senators and other decision makers heard the concern of a good number of citizens that the water needs of northwestern Oklahoma are very different from those in eastern Oklahoma.  

It may be in our best interest to create a comprehensive plan of our own that is tailored to fit our specific needs.  Let me encourage you to voice your concerns and work together to protect our future!

I never had the chance to thank everyone involved with making Crystal Christmas such a great event for Woodward.  Due to the hours a labor and support from the Chamber of Commerce, the Crystal Christmas committee, and the scores of volunteers, this event continues to be a fantastic success.  It was such a pleasure to welcome everyone to the opening night.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the activities and I hope it contributed to you having a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

As always, thanks for shopping locally and keep supporting one another and Woodward!

Roscoe Hill is Mayor of Woodward.