The Woodward News

September 9, 2012

New addition to Main Street

Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — By Janet Fitz

Main Street has been working on bringing a new addition to Main Street for the public to enjoy. Six months ago it was a dream of ours to have music playing on Main Street.  

We have been to Main Streets in and out of the state that has Music playing for people to enjoy while shopping. It took me going to a National Convention in Baltimore to find a resource for this Audio System. Believe it or not the company is out of Edmond Oklahoma. They set these types of units up for Main Streets all over the United States. We had the company come to Woodward and give us a presentation and look at our layout for the system.  

After several Board meetings and discussion the Board approved to seek sponsors for the audio system.  Once the sponsors are in place for the system we can order it. We have our sponsors and are truly grateful for their sponsorship. The system is ordered and hopefully it will be here in the latter part of September.   

The Audio System will allow music to be played, but we can also put advertisement and special announcements over the system.  This system will allow us to announce the parades from one spot and can be heard for four blocks.

 The first parade hopefully will be the Homecoming Parade.  We can add more speakers in the future going towards Centennial Park. Blocks 700 to 1100 will have two speakers per block on top of buildings facing the Main Street.

Over the next six to eight months Main Street will be a new place for your enjoyment while shopping.  

Remember all the improvements we do on Main Street is for our town and communities around Woodward to have a better place to dine, shop and have  fun.  We are stepping out of our comfort zone and looking forward to bringing Main Street to a new level.   We want to thank our sponsors for this audio system and when you hear who they are over the audio speakers we hope you will thank them too.

Look forward to seeing you on Main

Janet Fitz is the Woodward Main Street director.