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December 7, 2011

Let's shop Main Street

Woodward, Okla. — By Janet Fitz

Years ago I can remember our Main Street stores staying open late on Thursday Nights. It always was fun to come shopping of an evening and see all the people out visiting and hurrying to buy their gifts.

I remember greeting people as we walked past them on the streets and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  It amazes me that people don’t greet each other with those kind and thoughtful words anymore. Now don’t get your panties in a wad - if this upsets you then think about it. How many people have you said Merry Christmas to? Main Street merchants are staying open late on Thursday nights and have had since November, so if you get a minute go to Main Street and wish someone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and get your gifts for all your family and friends.  

Remember the merchants will be open every Thursday night till May, if you want them to always be open one night a week then let them know. It took a lot of talking and convincing about 15 merchants to stay open one night a week, so let’s change our thinking and habits and shop Main Street. Let’s make Main Street alive of an evening!

What kind of activities and events do you want your Main Street to have this year?  What kind of new businesses do you want to see on Main Street?

Drop off your written suggestions to one of our fine merchants on Main Street and they will get them to the Promotion Committee.

Do you know what Main Street events was brought to your city in 2011? Main Street hosted a Valentine Day promotion where one lady won over $500 worth of gifts. Did you know we held an Easter Egg hunt and had over 300 kids come and have fun?

Main Street had several clean-up weeks and hauled off dumpster after dumpster of trash. Did you know that we held 3 “Girls Night Out” events for the women to come shopping with lots of savings?  

Did you go to the Art Showing of our local artist? Your Free Hamburger Feed in July is put on by Woodward Main Street. Did we have a Summer Bash or what, lots of fun was had by many. Did you know the last 7 years we have held “WESTFEST”? Did you see all those Trick or Treaters on Main Street?  

Look we have decorations in the City Park and The Christmas Parade is a Main Street event also. I had a person come to me and ask well what does Main Street do and my answer was Main Street does a lot where have you been. Did you know that in 2011 we got 15 new businesses start up, relocate or have new owners on Main Street?   

To some people it may not look like we have been busy,  but I am proud of our Main Street and  proud of the merchants for stepping up and helping with these events that are for one and all.

Main Street looks forward to 2012 and bringing new and exciting things to our community.

Thank you to all the loyal supporters and customers of Main Street


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Janet Fitz is the Woodward Main Street director.

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