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Weight A Minute: Biggest fan

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Posted: Sunday, December 11, 2011 7:59 am

By Sheila Gay

On Tuesday, I watched several contestants from the "Biggest Loser" cross a 26.2 marathon line after running through sand and heavy winds which stirred up the sand that whipped across their legs and faces and yet these contestants continued.

I watched them fight thru moments of pain and suffering all the while pushing themselves and each other to the end. I also saw those who cried either from joy or just the fact that they wanted to complete the challenge but where unable. Even though there were prizes to win, I saw friendships that could with stand the temptation.

There were those who accepted the challenge head on and finished no matter that they were the last ones to complete the course. I wanted to cry along with them as they all crossed the line to victory, what an amazing accomplishment!

I am their biggest fan because those scenes inspire me to join in and do something, anything! I want to be one of those people who faces challenges head on and lives life to the fullest.

I don't want to sit on the side lines and wait to start my life "next Monday" and then Monday comes and that becomes "next Monday"..........next Monday will never come if you just keep waiting. I'm going to cross that 26.2 victory line on March the 4th, 2012, no matter what! What will you do?

Week 2 Day 1

Plan: 45 Minute Easy Run

Actual Workout: 45 minutes on treadmill....UGH! Too cold outside and sleeting snow.

Week 2 Day 2

Plan: 30-40 Minute Cross Training

Actual Workout: 50 minute Bike Class

Week 2 Day 3

Plan: 50 Minute Easy Run

Actual Workout: 50 Minute run on trails and down 13th - a little slick and dark

Week 2 Day 4

Plan: 30-40 Minute Cross Training

Actual: 50 minute bike class

Note: Joined Weight Watchers

Week 2 Day 5

Plan: 40 Minute Easy Run

Actual: Jingle Bell Run (5.5 miles) - 72 Minutes

Week 2 Day 6

Plan: 6 Mile Long Run

Actual: 50 minute body pump

Week 2 Day 7

Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest

Sheila Gay is the advertising manager at the Woodward News



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