The Woodward News

June 21, 2014

Young boy receives AmTryke

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — There isn't much 12-year-old Alec Morrow won't try and Wednesday evening, for the first time, Morrow got to try to ride a bike.

That's because Morrow was a recipient of an AmTryke, a three wheeled bicycle-tricycle hybrid meant for people with disabilities, said Local Woodward Midday AMBUCS AMbility Committee Chairwoman, Leona Reeg.

Morrow has Downs Syndrome, said his mother, Dana Morrow.

While he is a high functioning and even mainstreamed in with his sixth grade class, fine motor skill issues still make getting enough exercise a problem, his mother said.

"For one thing, he has never ridden a bike before, "Dana Morrow said. "He tends to not want to get out and be physical and this is a great chance now for him to get some good exercise."

But Wednesday night, motor skills were not a problem as the energetic 12-year-old pedaled around the inside of the AMBUCS meeting room, using the trike to push tables, run into chairs and basically have as much fun as any 12-year-old boy could.

Over the past year, since last June, the group of women with Midday AMBUCS have given eight AmTrykes out to local adults and children with disabilities, Reeg said.

The trikes offer a rare level of physical exercise to people who otherwise might get little or no exercise, if they have difficulty walking.

This year, because the budget allowed it, the Woodward Midday AMBUCS were also able to take their help to people who might not have otherwise ever received one, Reeg said.

"There is this thing, when we go to National Convention called the National Wish List," Reeg said. "So this is a list of people who don't live near and AMBUCS club and need one so they are on a list and we can pick names off that list and we took some of those names."

The group presented one to a disabled person in Arkansas and one in Illinois, she said.

"We do have a budget for this and the AmTrykes usually run between $400 and $1,200 each," she said. "I was the past president and my goal was to give out ten."

The group also provides AmTrykes for disabled veterans, Reeg said. In fact, the National AMBUCS organization give out 50 of the AmTrykes every year to veterans, she said.

To qualify for the AmTryke, someone must be referred by their therapist, Reeg said. But after that is complete, the club members will do what they need to fit someone with a trike that works specifically with their disabilities, Reeg said.

"When I told Alec, after he got done riding that last night, that he got to take it home, he was so excited," Reeg said.