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January 29, 2013

Commission approves bids

Woodward, Okla. — Bids abounded at Monday's county meeting as commissioners considered offers for a 6 month contract for road materials, a 6 month contract for tires, and bids for 2 new pickups.

Five companies submitted road material bids, including Sunbelt Equipment and Supply, Bridge and Highway Materials out of Enid, Doug Ross Inc., the Railroad Yard, and Hall Signs Inc.

Commissioners decided to wait until Purchasing Agent Wendy Dunlap could tabulate the offers  before determining which bid or bids to accept.

"There are so many materials and prices being offered, we'll have to turn to Dunlap to compile the bids for us to compare," District 1 Commissioner Tommy Roedell said.

Similar action was taken for the 6-month bid for tires for all highway districts. Bids from K&S Tire as well as Hercules Tire Sales Inc. were tabled until such time Dunlap was able to tabulate the prices for commissioners to compare.

However, county commissioners did come to a decision in regards to the bids for a 3/4 ton regular cab 4WD pickup and a 3/4 ton crew cab 4WD pickup. Bids were submitted by both McKay Ford and Irwin Auto, and the commissioners chose the low bid from Irwin Auto of $24,534 for the regular cab and $27,806 for the crew cab with a 3-year financing term of 2.5% APR from the Stock Exchange Bank.

With no new business the meeting concluded.

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