The Woodward News

January 19, 2013

Crystal Beach Lake receives more trout

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Crystal Beach Lake recently received its first stocking of Rainbow trout for 2013 .

The lake's last stock of fish came on Nov. 15, during which Facility Director Mike Lowden explained the maximum size of trout had increased from 2 pounds to upwards of 3 pounds. Crystal Beach Foreman David Hunter said this time around, fishermen may even find a few 5 pound trout in the mix.

“We recently stocked about an additional 790 rainbow trout totaling around 400 pounds. There's a handful of 5 pounders out there as well," Hunter said.

Hunter said now is the perfect time to stop by the lake for some fishing.

"Quite a few fishermen have come out and had real good success," Hunter said. "My dad caught about 6 nice size trout, and he told me it only took him about 30 minutes."

Fishermen also have less regulation to deal with as Hunter explained a special trout permit is no longer required.

"As long as individuals have an Oklahoma fishing license and abide by the 6 fish a day, 12 fish in possession after the first day requirement, they should be good to go," Hunter said.

Hunter encouraged fishermen to take advantage of this fresh stocking of trout.

 "Get out there and get to fishing," he said.