The Woodward News

January 12, 2013

Buffalo to see street improvements in 2013

Gary Engel
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — BUFFALO - Continued infrastructure improvements are on the agenda for coming year in Buffalo.

Economic Development Director James Leonard said that street improvements will be made in 2013.

Leonard said this will build on other infrastructure improvements that were made in 2012 as the town recently completed installation of new water and sewer lines.

In addition, he said, "An extensive project for installing new irrigation at Doby Springs Golf Course is currently under way, and we hope it will be completed this year."

Leonard said the Buffalo School District is also seeing some improvements including the addition of a new roof on its building.

"And they are looking for a considerable increase in enrollment," he said.

With this growth in student population as well as recent events at other schools around the nation, Leonard said, "The school officials are also discussing ways to increase campus security."

Leonard noted that the growth in student population is a sign of the community's overall growth, which is thanks to the active area oil and gas and trucking industries.

Harper County Hospital and the Buffalo Family Health Clinic staff are pleased about the increase in CAT Scan capabilities and the replacement of the facility's stand-by generator, which were both recently added, Leonard said.

But Leonard's "pride and joy" is the Buffalo Theatre, which he manages.  He said the movie theater will also see some upgrades in the coming year.

"We have already upgraded to improved audio, 3-D capability and a 28-foot by 12-foot screen," he said. "Our 2013 upgrades will include additional sound upgrades and acoustic applications. And a new popcorn popper."