The Woodward News

January 5, 2013

County facing busy agenda

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County commissioners are kicking off the new year with an extensive list of items on their agenda.

But the first item of business, when they meet at 10 a.m. Monday, Jan. 7 in the county courthouse, will be to select a chairman and vice-chairman of the board for 2013.

County Clerk Charolett Waggoner said, "Each year, at the first of the year, the commissioners have to vote on a chairman and vice chairman to serve for that year. It's done by nomination, and the nominations are done by the commissioners, so any of the 3 could serve as chairman or vice chairman."

Waggoner continued, "Last year's chairman was District 1 Commissioner Tommy Roedell and the vice chairman was District 2 Commissioner Ted Craighead, but it could be any of them this year, either the new District 2 Commissioner Randy Johnson, the District 3 Commissioner Vernie Matt, or Roedell."

Also on the agenda is the opening of sealed bids for a new vehicle for the Woodward County Sheriff's Office.

"The sheriff's office has put out a bid for a 2013 or newer sports utility vehicle along with their financing, this means they'll be adding another vehicle to their department," Waggoner said.

The commissioners will also be hearing a request from the Braun Family Trust for a change of zoning for a tract of land west of Woodward from general agricultural to general industrial.

"That is for a tract of land northeast of the airport," Waggoner said. "They're asking for a change of zoning for a tract of property they're getting ready to sell. This land is adjacent to another piece of land they own, so they'd like to zone it all the same."

Finally, several appointments are scheduled for Monday's meeting.

"Since we have a new elected official, Johnson, he will be the new requisition officer, and as such he will be appointing his receiving officers," Waggoner said.

New requisition and receiving officers will also be appointed for the county court clerk's office and the county's general and charity funds.

An absence on the Woodward County Fair Board is also scheduled to be filled.

"Matt had a vacancy on the fair board in his district, and Todd Stoll agreed he'd serve on the fair board," Waggoner said.

Stoll had recently been intended to replace Wade Free as a District 2 representative on the Fair Board, until it was discovered he actually resided in District 3. Since then, a District 3 position has opened following the resignation of Eddie Wilson, so Stoll will be filling that position.

"We've got him signed up for the right district this time," Waggoner said.

The county board will also be addressing routine items such as county officer reports for December, monthly highway expenditures for January, and blanket purchase orders.