The Woodward News

December 30, 2012

County to see light agenda

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — The Woodward County Commissioners' last meeting of 2012 will be a brief one.

Aside from routine blanket purchase orders or the possibility of new or unforeseen business, only one main action item is slated for consideration during Monday's meeting at 10 a.m. in the courthouse.

That one item is the 2013 interlocal agreement with the Circuit Engineering District 8.

County Clerk Charolett Waggoner said, "The Circuit Engineering Districts are set up through ACCO, the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma. According to our state statutes, this agreement enables county governments to cooperate with one another and use their resources so that they can work together."

District 1 Commissioner Tommy Roedell said, "There are 15 counties in the Circuit Engineering District and each county has a commissioner that are representatives on the board.”

He said one of the major services offered through the Circuit Engineering District is "various engineering inspections, such as bridge inspections."

Roedell will become the Circuit Engineering District representative for Woodward County following District 2 Commissioner Ted Craighead's upcoming retirement at the end of the year.