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August 23, 2012

Sheriff asks for help in recent series of break-ins

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County Sheriff Gary Stanley is asking for assistance from county residents in finding the people responsible for some recent break-ins.

Stanley said the break-ins have been occurring  while people are away from their home and all the alleged burglars seem to be interested in are the medicine cabinets.

"The burglaries have happened all over the county and we have had only 1 report of someone missing pain medication," Stanley said. "What we think they are doing is going to the houses, knocking on the door to see if anyone is home and when no one answers they kick in the door or break a window."

There have been 10 reports of break-ins for August alone and Stanley is asking for any help the public can give.

"If anyone comes to your door that you have never seen before and says they have the wrong house or they are lost or any type of excuse, please get the tag number and a description of the vehicle and call it in to the Woodward County Sheriff's office," Stanley said.

According to Stanley the thieves are apparently not taking looking for anything but prescription medications, mostly narcotic pain killers.

"They are doing a lot of damage and not taking much," Stanley said.

Stanley said they have had 1 suspicious vehicle called report in, but officers really county residents to be more alert to those vehicles that are not typically in their neighborhood.

Stanley said that they would like to get this taken care of before someone tries to break in to a house where the person is home.

"I really don't want to see what happens then," the sheriff said.

If you have any information that might be helpful please call the Woodward County Sheriff's office at 580-256-3264

Harper County Sheriff Marty Drew said that there have also been a few break-ins around his county.

"We have one person we are working on a warrant for that was positively identified by a witness," Drew said.

Drew also asked for the help area residents to and if you see something strange to call his office at 580-735-2213.

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