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November 3, 2012

Johnson, Phillips vie for county commission

Woodward, Okla. — Bill Phillips

What is your experience and what do you feel makes you qualified to be the next county commissioner from District 2?

I owned and operated a successful construction business for 35 years so have learned how to understand and deal with rules and regulations and with construction of all kinds going on in Woodward County. My experience as a contractor gives me the knowledge to make better education decision in matters such as the ongoing renovation of the Woodward County Fairgrounds.

My experience as a Fire Chief has put in command of and organizing many pieces of equipment and personnel in all kids of situations such as fires, storms and tornadoes in Woodward County.  Also, to do the job you have to be able to work with your state and local governments and know how to communicate with your lawmakers and for the past 5 years I have went to Washington D. C. with the state fire marshal and state representatives, to talk to senators and representatives about grants and other programs for our county and state.

What is the most important job of the county commissioner?

Leadership - including but not limited to financing, being able to work things out with your co-workers, overseeing the duties of the foreman and all other workers to be as efficient as possible, knowing your district and doing what is best for your district as a whole are the most important aspects of being a commissioner.

Do you have specific plans for improving roads and bridges in your district?

I plan to drive each and every road with my foreman and create a priority list of, repair and maintenance of all roads and bridges according to their condition, safety and amount of travel of each.

Are there any changes you want to see made in the county?

There are things that I see that I think need to be changed but until I have studied the finances and looked at the rules that the County Commissioner has to go by and walked in the shoes of the commissioner, I feel I cannot make an accurate comment on them at this time.

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