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September 10, 2013

Asbestos issue delays demolition

Woodward, Okla. — Asbestos and all that the word implies was the primary focus on an otherwise routine agenda for the Board of Woodward County Commissioners Monday morning.

The board tabled action on a decision regarding five separate bids for asbestos abatement with regard to the demolition work on the OSU Extension Building at the Woodward County fairgrounds.

Demolition on the OSU Extension office building slated to make way for the new office buildings and at Expo Center is on temporary hold until the problem is abated, said District 3 Commissioner, Vernie Matt.

The asbestos was discovered during the initial phases of the demolition process for the fairgrounds  

After the reading of the five bids, which ranged from the low bid of $48,282 to the high end of $89,900, commissioners voted to table the issue to allow time for the Woodward County Public Works Authority to consider the bids.

The asbestos bids include the demolition of the asbestos containing structures and its disposal which has to be done in a specially approved landfill, according to the commissioners.

The trouble spots in the OSU Extension office include the sheet rock, texture materials and paint, Matt said.

In other business, two separate bids for bunker gear were read and tabled.

The needed bunker gear is protective pants, coats, shoes and helmets meant for structural fires, said Woodward Fire Chief Steve Day.  

No action was taken on the bids to allow time for county fire department authorities to study the bids and what kind of equipment each company is including in the bid, Matt said.

A single bid for panels and gate panels for the future buildout of the fairgrounds livestock exhibition building, was also tabled for review by the Woodward County Public Works Authority.

"Those Preifert are the same kind we have now and they would match and  make everything look good," he said. "But we need to table this and let the authority look it over."

The single bid, $64,459.88 was from Preifert Livestock Equipment. It was the total price for 230 panels with gates and all of the accoutrements to put them together, said District 1 Commissioner Tommy Roedell.

In other, more mundane business, commissioners approved reports that listed federal grants through the SEFA-Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards.

The report includes reimbursements from the Federal Emergency Management Agency related to the tornado in Woodward and other federal monies related to road and bridge maintenance, Roedell said.

Commissioners also approved a resolution determining the maximum highway expenditures that can take place during the month of September.

A total of $310,496.53 can be used to maintain county roads and highways during September, Roedell said.

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