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August 22, 2013

Jurors hear 4 witnesses on second day of trial


Woodward, Okla. — A 'SCUFFLE' ERUPTS

After a couple of hours though, when they had all "got drunk," Spencer said, "Jon and Dillan decided to have a knock-out contest."  He later agreed during cross examination that Watkins had the idea for the knock-out contest.

But it was Dillan who hit first, he said.

"Dillan hit Jon and it pretty much knocked him out cold for a second," he said, noting that Watkins "fell to his knees" from the blow.

Spencer said he initially "thought it was funny once he got knocked out; it was guys being guys."

But things turned serious when he saw Watkins get up and "came at Dillan with an aggressive force."

"I thought 'what's going on? why did he come at Dillan like that?' and I got pissed off," Spencer said.

As Hager and Watkins began to "scuffle," he said "I got myself in there as a presence to try to break things up.  But then I felt that I got hit and then I got pissed off and I threw a couple of punches and kicks.  Then after that David got in a couple of hits."

However, he testified that he only saw Yelloweagle punch Watkins and never saw him kick the victim.  

He said the whole attack lasted for "around 5 to 6 minutes at the most."

"But it wasn't nothing much.  It was a misunderstanding, a scuffle," he said.

Throughout the fight he said, "the girls were screaming, wanting to know what was going on. ... They were trying to get us to stop and screaming, you know, 'Why?'"

He said eventually all 4 guys "came to our senses and realized it was just a misunderstanding and we all stopped."

Spencer testified the guys then "all apologized" to each other and hung out and drank some more "for a while," before deciding to head back to Woodward.

The defense indicated that Spencer had previously testified they had been at location for up to an hour and a half after the fight before driving away, but he couldn't testify to any specific times on Wednesday.

However, he did testify that Watkins was upright and sitting on a tool box in the back of the pickup and talking in complete sentences following the fight.

Spencer also said that when the group decided to drive off, Watkins chose to stay in the bed of the pickup, while the rest rode in the cab, "because he had gotten drunk and couldn't drive and wanted to sit back there and sober up on the way back to Woodward."

"But we never made it back to Woodward then," he said.

Instead, he said Hager who was driving Watkins' pickup down the county road decided to "drive into a ditch, ran into a fence and then jumped into a field," driving around for about 20 to 30 minutes, before ending up back near Hager's mother's house, where the truck had "broken down somehow."

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