The Woodward News

August 20, 2013

Jury picked for murder trial

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — A jury of 8 men and 4 women has been impaneled in the 2nd degree murder case against David Lee Yelloweagle.

Yelloweagle is one of 3 men who was charged with the Sept. 2010 death of 20-year-old Jon Michael Watkins.

Yelloweagle and former co-defendants Dillan Shane Hager and Jeffrey Shawn Spencer were accused of fatally beating Watkins and leaving his body in the back of a pickup in a field south of Woodward.

The Medical Examiner's Office ruled Watkins' death as a homicide by blunt force trauma.

Hager and Spencer have already pled and received sentences in their respective cases.

In addition to the 8 men and 4 women selected to serve on the main jury, 2 alternate jurors, one man and one woman, were also selected to serve in case one of the primary jurors becomes unable to serve.

Of the 14 jurors, including the alternates, they range in age from 28- to 68-years-old.

They hold a variety of occupations ranging from a janitor to a teacher to a retail employee to several who work various positions in the oil and gas industry.

They have a variety of family make-ups from those without children, to those with children at home and those with children who are all grown.

The case is being presided over by Associate District Judge Rick Bozarth.  Bozarth primarily serves in Dewey County, but was appointed to hear this case by District Judge Ray Dean Linder.