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May 19, 2011

Red Cross offering swimming lessons

Woodward, Okla. — Swimming is perhaps the most popular activity for children during summer vacation.

But do your children know how to swim properly? If not, the American Red Cross is offering the chance to learn through swimming lessons.

Executive Director of Northwest Oklahoma Chapter of the American Red Cross MaryAnn White said registration for the swimming lessons will be on Wednesday from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the chapter office located at 1209 9th Street in Woodward.

White said the swimming lessons are for anyone 6-years-old and older.

“They have to enroll in the office because they have to fill out a permission form,” White said.

There is a registration fee that will cover the swimming lessons and a book the children will receive.

White said enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis due to a limited number of spots.

“There are 2 different sessions, and there are 15 slots in each session, making for a total of 30 kids,” she said.

The swimming lessons will begin on Tuesday, May 31 and continue through Friday, June 10 at the Crystal Beach Water Park, White said, noting there will be no lesson on Sunday, June 5.


White said the swimming lessons will be offered in 2 sessions depending on the student's current swimming ability.

“The first session for level 1 and level 2 will begin at 9:30 a.m., followed by a session for level 3,” White said, noting she is not sure exactly what time the session for level 3 will begin until the final schedule is made.

However, she said each session will be 45 minutes.

“Level 1 and level 2 is pretty much for beginners where they will learn to swim,” White said.

According to the book, the children will receive upon registration, “Raffy Learns to Swim,” the beginning swimmers will learn such things as: entering and exiting the water using a ladder, steps or side, blowing bubbles through mouth and nose for 3 seconds, back glide, back float, roll from front to back then back to front, alternating leg and arm action.

In level 2 the children will learn to: enter the water by stepping or jumping from the side, exit the water by using a ladder, steps or side, fully submerging and holding breath for 5 seconds, opening eyes under water and retrieving submerged objects, and changing directions  of travel while swimming on their front or back.

“Level 3 is for children who already know the basics of swimming,” White said.

In level 3 the children will learn: to enter water by jumping from the side, headfirst entry from the side in a sitting position and a kneeling position, rotary breathing.

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