The Woodward News

January 31, 2014

Good time to fish at Crystal Beach

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — It may be winter but the fishing is good at Crystal Beach Lake, said City of Woodward Facility Director Mike Lowden.

According to Lowden, there is a healthy population of trout, channel catfish and bluegill in the lake.

Already, the lake has been stocked twice, once last fall and once early this year, he said.

He encouraged anglers to get out and fish the lake for trout because the stocked variety of trout there will not do well when the summer months come, he said.

"They just won't last when it gets hot," he said. "That's why we stock them in the late fall and winter, because they need cold water to survive."

For that reason, trout do not spawn in that lake and year by year have to be stocked, he said.

But channel catfish do spawn in the lake and there are many different ages and sizes of those kind of fish, he said.

According to Lowden, the trout are biting really well right now and there have been large fish, some more than 28 inches, pulled from the lake.

The fishing is free to anyone who has a legal fishing license he said. To obtain a fishing license, simply log onto-

The annual fishing license is $25 and a license is needed for anyone fishing who is 18-years-old and up, Lowden said.