The Woodward News

September 15, 2013

Postal customers preparing for curbside delivery

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — The U.S. Postal Service is thankful they have such good customers, said Postal Service spokesperson Dion Montegue.

A recent request sent in a letter to postal customers throughout the United States asking that they erect postal boxes for curbside delivery was taken so seriously by customers in this area that many local hardware stores have run out of postal boxes and supplies for the task, Montegue said.

"It was a national initiative where we asked postal customers to voluntarily move there boxes from their homes or doors that require walking delivery out to the street for curbside delivery, Montegue said. "Many of the hardware stores have had to order in more supplies, so many people have gone out right away and gotten this done."

The goal, Montegue said, is to have all curbside boxes in place by Sept. 30 so that a faster, more efficient and less costly type of delivery can begin, she said.

Curbside delivery is more efficient for several reasons, Montegue said.

It is faster because carriers can get their routes done faster when they are not walking up into each yard individually, she said.

It is also safer, since the carrier is not passing into multiple areas where unknown risks, such as loose dogs and even unknown locations where construction and other hazards exist. Montegue also added that a customer's mail is also more safe and less exposed to the weather.

"You know, when the carriers is walking in the snow and rain, the mail gets wet sometimes," she said.

According to Montegue, the task of meeting the Sept. 30 deadline, while it is the goal, is not meant to make people who cannot get supplies anxious.

"We are just so thankful as a public service provider that our customers were so good as to go right out and take care of this," Montegue said. "Tell people that if they run past the September 30 deadline, not to worry too much, we understand getting the supplies right now can be difficult and we understand it might take a little longer."

According to Woodward Ace Hardware, there was indeed, a bit of a run on the postal boxes and supplies. But the local hardware store has restocked and as of Saturday, is prepared for another bevy of folks erecting boxes, said Ace Associate, Sandra Brittain.

"We ordered more and we got a truck in today and we will get another truck in on Wednesday." Brittain said.

Brittain also added that she has the form letters sent out by the U.S. Postal Service which identify the standards for the boxes.

"They have to be 40 to 46 inches from the ground and two feet from the street curb," she said.