The Woodward News

October 29, 2013

County planning under way for district meeting

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County commissioners were joined by their fellow county officers Monday morning to start planning for the 2014 Northwest District County Officers and Deputies Association (CODA) annual meeting.

The Northwest District of CODA includes officials from 19 counties in this area of the state and each year a different county within the district plays host for the annual meeting.  Woodward County will host the next annual meeting in October 2014.

Woodward County Clerk Charolett Waggoner said the annual meeting serves as an opportunity for county officers and deputies to receive continuing education about their respective roles and duties.

During their regular meeting Monday morning, the county commissioners met with Waggoner, Court Clerk Tammy Roberts, County Assessor Misty Dunn, County Treasurer Sonya Coleman, and Sheriff Gary Stanley to make some of the initial planning decisions.

The group decided to tentatively schedule the meeting for Oct. 16 & 17, 2014 at High Plains Technology Center.  They also discussed various entertainment, catering and lodging options, which different officers will research and bring back before the commission in approximately 2 months for their next planning meeting.

In other action Monday morning, the county commissioners addressed a budgetary oversight by approving a transfer of funds within the District Attorney's accounts.

"The budget maker left off $3,000 for the law library and it was put into the tort fund, so this transfers the money back into law library fund," Waggoner said.

Before voting to approve the transfer, Commissioner Vernie Matt verified that $3,000 "is normally what we've kept in there."

County commissioners also addressed some routine items on their agenda, including:

• approving blanket purchase orders;

• granting 2 utility permits to allow Atlas Pipeline to install 8-inch steel natural gas pipelines across portions of County Roads E/W 24 and N/S 217.5 in the northeast part of the county;

• assigning Commissioner Tommy Roedell to continue to represent Woodward County as a board member for Circuit Engineering District No. 8, with Commissioner Randy Johnson to serve as alternate; and

• tabling a resolution allowing for the Mutual Fire Department to dispose of its Unit 319 at an auction due to a lack of information about the fire unit, such as what type of vehicle it is.

Under new business, Matt said that a deadline was approaching to request funds through the Surface Transportation Program (STP), which provides special funding through the Federal Highway Administration for various transportation improvement projects.

The commissioners then explained that special consideration is given to roadways that are highly traveled, have a high accident count, and/or have had a fatality accident occur on that roadway.

Roedell said that approved projects are funded at 80 percent from the federal level and 20 percent from the state level.  This allows counties to be able to afford certain roadway projects that they might not otherwise be able to.

The commissioners then selected 2 roadway sections that they felt could use new asphalt overlays as potential STP projects.  The first option is along an approximately 8.5 mile stretch of County Road E/W 54 east of Highway 270 to the county line.  The second option is along an approximately 7.5 mile stretch of the Sharon-Shattuck road between Highway 34 and Highway 270.

While the commissioners are looking to start the process for requesting STP funds soon, they said it would be years before the projects could be completed should the funding be approved.

"We're talking probably a 5-year deal at least," Roedell said, noting "Most projects have to have an environmental study done and that takes a year by itself.  But we want to do this now to get the paperwork started."