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September 30, 2013

White Horse Ranch offers hope, treatment



The program is set up on a ranch level system that graduates girls from a series of levels designated by a color code.

"A girl will not be graduated from one level to another until she is therapeutically ready," Smith said.

The first level is called "Grey Level". This is a decompression level where some basic needs, such as food, shelter, warmth and safety are met, in some cases for the first time.  Privileges are limited in this level.

Here, the girls are encouraged to begin to think like a child again - in a more black  and white way - or to think of things as right and wrong instead of the way some adults have presented information to them in a "grey" or hazy way, Smith said.

"You know, in some cases, they need to be able to just know that something is not right, that it is black or white, not grey like some of them have been told," she said.

The second level is called "Brown Level". This level is symbolized by the color because it suggests digging below the surface emotions and feelings, Smith said. Each girl is encouraged to grow new "emotional eyes" and take a look at how she views all the events in her life, she said. Privileges are still limited but grow to include more space in their hygiene box and more time in the bathroom.

The third level is called "Green Level" and symbolizes new success in growth and coping skills. It shows a real transformation in behavior underscored by her new beliefs about her own life seen by her new "emotional eyes", Smith said.

The fourth and final level is called "Blue Level" and symbolizes blue skies. It means a girl has developed coping skills based on her new belief system that regularly appear in her behavior. The Blue Level is a continuation of the new growth and maturity.

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