The Woodward News

September 22, 2013

Gas prices may start dropping

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — There's an old joke that gets thrown around about changing the air in your tires from summer air to winter air. Like "sky hooks" it is just that, a joke.

But did you know part of the reason you pay higher prices as the pump during the summer is because there actually is such a thing as summer gas and winter gas?

That's right. Because of the difference in the blending components used to make gas in cooler weather, prices at the pump over the last ten years have seen as much as a 28 cent drop between Mid September and October 31, said Senior Petroleum Analyst for, Patrick DeHaan.

Locally, at present, the price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.49. If DeHaan's prediction is true, Woodward could see gas for $3.21 sometime in October.

"It is just like the gas prices move up during the summer season," DeHaan said. "In the cooler seasons we are going to winter gas."

According to DeHaan, depending on the region the EPA mandates the use of cleaner burning blending components, such as Ethanol, rather than hydrocarbons in locations with less strict guidelines.

"In the winter, it is basically the complete undoing of that EPA mandate," DeHaan said.

But that is not all that impacts the price at the pumps, DeHaan said.

Futures trading also plays its own part, he said.

"All of this, the cost of refining and the lower numbers of drivers on the road in the weeks between mid September and October 31, are considered at the Board of Trade," DeHaan said.

Other than making sure your car is working at its top efficiency and checking tire pressures, there is little a driver can do to offset the impact of higher prices, he said.

"Probably the best thing you can do is shop around for gasoline and get the lowest price."