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July 5, 2012

Area counties fight July 4 blazes too

Woodward, Okla. — Severely dry conditions and strong winds helped fuel area fires that were started by fireworks on Wednesday.

According to the Beaver County Emergency Management there were a total of 3 fires in the northwest corner of the county near the Kansas state line.  One of these fires took place during the afternoon hours and burned nearly 200 acres of pasture.

The other 2 were small grass fires that were put out by the landowners but fire trucks did respond to the area to assist as needed.

Beaver County has been in a burn ban since early last week, so if prosecuted, those responsible for the fires could potentially face fines up to $500 and up to a year in the county jail, according to emergency management officials.

Dewey County also reported a few small grass fires due to fireworks.  A total of 5 fires were reported by the Dewey County Emergency Management.

Dewey County officials said that these fires burned mostly grass and pasture and no significant damage was caused by them.

Harper County only had a couple fires, mostly near or in the town of Laverne.

According to the Laverne Police department there were 2 small grass fires and a dumpster fire, and then one north of town that was caused by the town's fireworks display that was put out quickly by the fire department. There was no significant damage reported with these fires.

Major County had 7 fires reported. According to the Major County Sheriff's Office, most of the fires were grass fires, but there was one building damaged out by Chester that the county was assisting on. With the Fairview Fire Department busy on other calls, Fairview firefighters said Orienta Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire by Chester.  The News was unable to reach Orienta officials for more information about what type of structure was damaged or how badly.

Ellis County also saw several fires Wednesday evening, however emergency management officials were not available to provide specific details about the number of fires and extent of damage.

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