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November 1, 2012

Fun and business at Fall Follies


Woodward, Okla. — FALL 2012 GRANT WINNERS

High School

Amy Howard and Ashley Stout, Manipulating Math- $1,558.94

Chanda Peters, Kala Mead, Darris Servis, Roscoe Gunther, Vince Freeman, Incorporating STEM in the Classroom- $1967.35

Middle School

Anika Rohla and Erica Nail, A Blast into the Past: Researching America's Decades- $750.

Horace Mann

Debbie Moody, Communication Made Easier- $163.82

Vicki Lynch, Supplementary Reading Intervention- $1611.32

Mikki Rhea, Intervention Literacy Groups- $252.88

Selena Marlatt, Active Academics- $606.06

Early Childhood Center

Jennifer Kornele, Reading is Believing- $500.89

Kenni Fewin, Story Stretchers and REvved up Writing for Common Core Standards- $381.48

Dana Guyton, A Learning Delight- $300

Jessica Pingry, A Piano for Music Room- $899.99

Delaini De La Cerda, Enhancing Literacy in the Classroom- $500

Kristina Hamilton and Stephanie Stewart-Kidd, Simon Says Sound It Out- $498

Amanda Haney, Quality Time Savers- $298.50

Abby Hawley, Manipulating Math in Pre-K $300

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