The Woodward News

November 1, 2012

Fun and business at Fall Follies

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward's Fall Follies is more than just an evening of wacky skits.

Attendees of this year's event on Tuesday night were reminded of the important cause behind the Follies as the Woodward Education Foundation took the opportunity to award 15 grants to teachers during the evening of entertainment.

The Fall 2012 grants, which total around $10,500, will go to help 22 teachers fund a variety of different projects.

"The Education Foundation offers grants for teaching tools that are of a creative and innovative nature that the regular school system does not have the budget for," said Caryl Parsons, president of the Woodward Education Foundation.

For example, one of the grants awarded this fall semester will go to help purchase a piano for the music room at the Early Childhood Center.

Several other grants will go to support various math and reading enhancement programs throughout the district.

Parsons said the grants are important because they help teachers to help their students.

"If a teacher can come to the classroom with the tools to inspire a passion for learning, they'll want for nothing," she said.

In addition to the grants awarded this fall, more grants will be awarded in the spring semester after another grant selection process by which teachers submit funding requests to the Education Foundation, those requests are then reviewed by a committee that evaluates different criteria such as how innovative the project is to determine which projects will be funded.

Since its establishment in 1989, the Woodward Education Foundation has awarded over 575 grants totaling in excess of $332,000 to local teachers with aim of improving the quality of local education.

But without fundraisers like Fall Follies, the Woodward Education Foundation wouldn't be able to continue to offer so many grants to teachers semester after semester.

"The money earned at the Fall Follies goes directly towards funding grants for teachers," Parsons said.

Proceeds for the grants are also collected through the Education Foundation's spring golf tournament, she said.

However Parsons urges people to contribute to the foundation year round.

"It's always a great time to choose the Education Foundation as an avenue for giving," said Parsons. "We are a tax deductible nonprofit foundation and the proceeds we raise go towards enriching student's education and encouraging excellence in the school system by expanding the existing curriculum."

Those interested in contributing to the education of local children can contact Caryl Parsons at 256-2084 at Big Dan's Steak House or send contributions to P.O. Box 1359 Woodward OK 73802, with checks made out to the Woodward Education Foundation.


High School

Amy Howard and Ashley Stout, Manipulating Math- $1,558.94

Chanda Peters, Kala Mead, Darris Servis, Roscoe Gunther, Vince Freeman, Incorporating STEM in the Classroom- $1967.35

Middle School

Anika Rohla and Erica Nail, A Blast into the Past: Researching America's Decades- $750.

Horace Mann

Debbie Moody, Communication Made Easier- $163.82

Vicki Lynch, Supplementary Reading Intervention- $1611.32

Mikki Rhea, Intervention Literacy Groups- $252.88

Selena Marlatt, Active Academics- $606.06

Early Childhood Center

Jennifer Kornele, Reading is Believing- $500.89

Kenni Fewin, Story Stretchers and REvved up Writing for Common Core Standards- $381.48

Dana Guyton, A Learning Delight- $300

Jessica Pingry, A Piano for Music Room- $899.99

Delaini De La Cerda, Enhancing Literacy in the Classroom- $500

Kristina Hamilton and Stephanie Stewart-Kidd, Simon Says Sound It Out- $498

Amanda Haney, Quality Time Savers- $298.50

Abby Hawley, Manipulating Math in Pre-K $300