The Woodward News

October 26, 2012

Architect to share ideas for county fairground renovation

Chris Cooper and Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County Commissioners are slated to receive a report Monday concerning the architectural plans for improvements to the county fairgrounds.

The Norman-based Architects in Partnership (AIP) is the architecture firm responsible for designing the proposed fairgrounds renovation.

"In general terms, we will be providing the commissioners with an update on the progress we've made over the past month as we have continued to meet with the project committee," said Heath Hans, principal architect with AIP.

Hans said that in meeting with the Fairgrounds Improvement Authority that was established to oversee the project, AIP has developed "a solution that we feel we can move forward with."

This solution is a proposed 75,000 square foot "multi-purpose arena," which AIP plans to share design ideas for during Monday's commission meeting, he said.

"We will show commissioners a concept of the new facility, a proposed site plan, floor plans as well as a rendered elevation," Hans said.

AIP representatives will also share how the proposed facility will be a "good long-term project" that should serve the community for "a good 50 to 70 years."

"We felt it was very important to not only make sure that we address the current needs, but also give the community the opportunity to take what we provide now and take it way into the future.  Because we know it's not everyday that smaller communities get to do a project like this and so when you do, you have to build it to last," Hans said.

After presenting plans to the county commissioners on Monday morning, Hans said AIP will then present the plans to the County Fair Board as well during a meeting Monday evening.  If and when AIP "gets the blessing" from both organizations, Hans said AIP and its financial experts will start drawing up the proposal to present to voters to approve seeking financing for the project.


Also Monday, the county board will a resolution recognizing the speed limit for all county roads as 55 mph, unless otherwise posted.

"The speed limit on county roads is already 55 mph," County Clerk Charolett Waggoner said. "This resolution would just make it official."

The board will also consider action regarding the appointment of Tammy Roberts to fill the unexpired term of current clerk Jenny Hopkins, who is retiring as of Oct. 31.

"Right now Roberts is first deputy," said Waggoner, "but she filed for the position of court clerk back in April and did not draw an opponent, so she'll be finishing up Roberts' term before she starts her own on January 2."

The appointment of a receiving agent for all 3 county district utility accounts will also be considered on Monday.

"The state auditor's office is requiring us to have receiving reports for our utility accounts," said Waggoner. "To do that they'll be appointing a receiving agent to sign receiving reports for utility accounts for Districts 1, 2 and 3. When the billing comes in, they'll review it to assure its a correct bill, and sign the reports."

The board also plans on considering a request from Northwestern Electric Cooperative for an overhead crossing of a power line of a District 1 roadway in the southern part of the county along the Dewey County line.  

Routine matters on the agenda include blanket purchase orders and monthly county officer reports from August and September.