The Woodward News

November 20, 2009

Woodward Police pull over man in bunny suit

Woodward Police officers went rabbit hunting Thursday night after receiving a call about a suspicious person dressed in a rabbit suit harassing some students at a local restaurant.

Police Lt. Monty Martin said that “a man in a Mazda convertible dressed in a rabbit suit” had allegedly disturbed some students from Elk City by driving around their school bus while it was parked at McDonald’s around 9:30 p.m. Thursday.

“They didn’t know if he was messing with them because they were from Elk City and it was an opposing team,” Martin said.

By the time officers were able to respond to the call, the convertible had left the scene, but Martin said officers were able to track down the vehicle and discovered the driver was in fact wearing a pink bunny costume minus a mask.

The man was not arrested, because Martin said officers had not witnessed him harassing any of the students.

The police lieutenant added that “he hadn’t been drinking or anything, just acting goofy. ... It was just a young person being silly.”

However, the police lieutenant said, “we kind of got on to him.”

“I told him you need to act your age,” he said, adding that when he learned that the man in the bunny suit had just recently moved to Woodward, “ I told him, we didn’t do that kind of stuff up here.”

In fact, Martin said, “I’ve been at it 26 years and that was the first time I had something like that happen.”

Besides being a little strange, he said the whole situation was “kind of funny.”