The Woodward News

November 15, 2012

Hospice Angel decoration available

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — With the holiday season approaching, Woodward Regional Hospice is releasing their annual hospice angel decoration. The is the 10th year the hospice has offered a special ornament.

Kris-Ann Moyer, clinical social worker and bereavement coordinator for Woodward Regional Hospice, said, "These ornaments are limited edition, hand crafted angels, only available through the hospice programs. Each year features a new design."

This year's ornaments feature the traditional hospice angel and will be holding a wreath. The angel's this year will also be slightly smaller than the year's prior, making them more accommodating to use as a Christmas tree ornament, Moyer said.

"Its just one more way for people who've lost loved ones to have a little memorial for their tree," Moyer said. "Holidays can often be a difficult time, and any little tribute can oftentimes ease the pain that comes during the holiday season."

By purchasing a hospice angel, not only does the buyer ease their own grief through a memorial ornament, but they also contribute to the relief of others.

"We give those angels to anyone who makes a $15 donation to hospice, and those donations go towards providing educational materials to patients and and their families who are at the end of life and being cared for by hospice," Moyer said.

Those interested in honoring a loved one whose passed or who would like to help others going through the grief of a loved one passing can do so by purchasing a Hospice Angel at the Woodward Regional Hospice or at the Gazebo on Main Street.