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May 16, 2013

Police look for stabbing suspect

Woodward man injured after interrupting robbery attempt

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward Police are investigating a stabbing incident that occurred early Wednesday morning at a residence in west Woodward.

Chad Andrew Thompson was taken to the hospital for a stab wound to his left leg after getting into an altercation with a suspect he caught breaking into his vehicle a little after 5 a.m. Wednesday, May 15.

The victim's wife Mikeena Thompson spoke with The News about her husband's ordeal.

Mikeena Thompson said her husband discovered the thief when he went to get into his pickup to leave for work.

"Chad opened his door and was just shocked to find the guy there sitting in the passenger seat," she said.

She explained that since it was still dark outside and her husband's truck has tinted windows, he could not see the subject until after opening the driver's side door.

Thompson said her husband told her that after being caught red handed, the suspect "got out of the vehicle and started to stroll away like nothing happened."

"He wouldn't answer when Chad called after him," she said.

So her husband began to chase after him and "tackled him in the neighbor's yard and held him down."

Thompson said she assumes her husband went after the suspect in an attempt to restrain the man until law enforcement could arrive

In addition, she said, "I think he just wanted to know why this guy was trying to steal from us and maybe try to get our GPS back."

Besides taking the GPS from the vehicle, Thompson said it appears the thief was also trying to take an XM radio which was found laying in the floor of the vehicle.


Even though at one point her husband said he had the suspect "in a chokehold," Thompson said the suspect was able to get away after stabbing her husband in the left leg on the back side of his upper thigh.

"I don't think Chad even knew he had been stabbed until the guy said, 'dude, I just stabbed you.'  Chad said it was then that he began to feel some pain in his leg," Thompson said.

As the suspect ran off, she said her husband tried to yell for help.  But since it was so early in the morning, most of her neighbors were probably still asleep and didn't hear him.

"Chad said he was feeling weak and maybe a little dizzy, but he was able to get to the neighbor's door for help," she said.

The neighbor then had to call 9-1-1, she said because "in the struggle, Chad lost his phone, he lost his glasses and lost his keys."

It was about this time that Thompson said she arrived, having returned home from a morning trip to the gym.

"I got out of my car and heard Chad calling my name, but didn't know where it was coming from.  Then I heard the neighbor say, 'he's over here.'  So I hurried over to my neighbor's house and he was sitting on a bench on the porch.  Then my neighbor said 'don't panic, he's been stabbed; but I'm calling 9-1-1,'" Thompson said.  "And maybe a minute later the ambulance and police had arrived."

"Then we went to the hospital," where her husband received stitches to the stab wound to his leg, she said.

"Somehow he also got a cut on his thumb, we're not sure how that happened and he had to get stitches there too," she said.

He was later released with directions to return in a week to have the stitches removed.

But his injuries were still severe enough to keep him from working.

"I don't know how long he'll be off work," Thompson said, "he's got to let his leg heal."


The Thompsons and the Woodward Police Department are asking for the public's help in trying to locate the suspect.

In a post made on Facebook seeking help in identifying the man responsible for her husband's stabbing, Thompson said her husband described the suspect as "probably in his early 20's. Chad thinks he may have been in the 6 foot range, somewhere between 140-160 pounds and had dark blonde/brown, very curly hair. The curly hair is what stands out the most to Chad. He believes the man was white. He was wearing baggy jeans and a black leather jacket."

Anyone with any information about the possible suspect or other details about Wednesday's stabbing incident is asked to contact the Woodward Police Department immediately by calling 254-8518.

In the same Facebook post, Thompson said she was asking for help in finding the suspect because "this man is running around with a knife and he's not afraid to use it.  The sooner he's caught, the sooner we can all rest a little easier."

The incident has left her feeling a little scared.

"It's scary to know there are people like that here," she said.  "This is Woodward for crying out loud; this is supposed to be a good, safe place to raise your children."


WPD Det. Lt. Chuck Wheeler said that Wednesday's incident was an unfortunate reminder of the importance of locking your vehicles.

"In this case the vehicle was unlocked. So we would like to remind the public to try to make sure we do secure vehicles and try not to leave anything of value in them," Wheeler said.

Thompson said she has the same advice.

"People need to lock their doors.  I always lock mine and am always getting onto Chad because he never locks his.  He will start now though," she said.

Wheeler said he would also advise not to try and restrain a suspect yourself.

"It's our preference that you don't try to pursue these people, but call the authorities," Wheeler said.

The reason?  "Just for these cases right here where we had an individual stabbed with a knife.  Property is not worth sacrificing one's well-being or their life," the detective said.  "This could've easily been a more severe situation; it's fortunate the victim was not injured any worse than what he was."

Thompson said, "Chad did say when he went after the guy that it never occurred to him that the guy would have a knife.  There was not a thought in his head that he would have a weapon."

After her husband learned firsthand just how dangerous it can be, she said she would urge people to "maybe think twice about going after a thief, because you don't know what could happen.  You don't know if they're holding a knife or even a gun."