The Woodward News

May 14, 2013

County approves contract for district 1 tower space

Johnny McMahan
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — County commissioners agreed to a contract for communication tower space during their meeting Monday in the courthouse.

The commission voted to move the District 1 communications to a tower northeast of Mooreland and entered into a contract with Todd Peach for $130 a month total charge. Previously, District 1 had used the KFOR tower northeast of Woodward.

"This will service our area better," said District 1 Commissioner Tommy Roedell.

Commissioners also voted to forego the May rent from the Restitution and Diversion Division (bogus check office) for May as the division is moving from its current location at Crystal Beach to a new office building on 34th Street.

Commissioners also decided to assist with moving expenses for the division - primarily the phone lines, Internet lines and security system.

Approved as county health department requisition officers were Terri Salisbury, Darlene Sanderson, Jeri Dwinelle and Nancy Lamle. Karina Hillyer and Cathy Wright were approved as receiving officers for the health department.

The commission approved an updated fair housing resolution needed to receive federal and state grant funds.

Commissioners also approved what amounts to an address change for Wheeler Rental and Mobile Home Sales, LLC which is moving back into the area and to its old location on US Highway 270 near Merriman's. According to a notice from the Oklahoma Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission, county commission approval was needed for the new address, said District 3 Commissioner Vernie Matt.