The Woodward News

January 26, 2013

Firefighters battle early morning fire

Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Firefighters from throughout Woodward County were on the scene of a structure near 18th and Cedar early Saturday morning.

The fire was in an older, unsued building on the USDA field station grounds.

Fire officials on scene said the building was already too far gone to enter, so the firefighters were attacking the fire from the outside, setting up several lines to spray water on to the blaze.

The fire did not affect any of the newer buildilngs at the field station.

Units were on hand from Woodward, Mooreland, Sharon, Mutual and Fort Supply. The units were called to keep the fire from spreading to other buildings and into the wooded areas surrounding the field station.

The call came in between 2 a.m and 2:30 a.m. on Saturday. By 5 a.m. several of the responding units were being released from the scene, according to scanner traffic.

Officials had not yet determined a cause of the fire.