The Woodward News

January 8, 2013

County to house city inmates

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County Commissioners have agreed to allow city of Woodward inmates to be housed in the county jail at no charge.

County commissioners approved an interlocal governmental agreement with the city on Monday, during their first meeting of 2013.

In lieu of payment to the county jail for housing the inmates, the city will put the money towards 911 operations.

Sheriff Gary Stanley explained that with the dwindling number of land lines, 911 was having trouble making up that lost revenue.

Stanley said the agreement has a number of benefits

"With the new county jail it's easier to meet standards than with the old facility. In addition the city was having trouble finding part-timers to man the city jail, and these monthly payments will help keep 911 solvent," he said.

The sheriff went on to say that the city only averages between 1 to 2 prisoners a day at a maximum holding of 10 days, so the county jail facility would not be strained.


County commissioners also acted Monday to approve a bid for a new sports utility vehicle for the Woodward Sheriff's department. Two bids were submitted, and the board accepted the bid from Irwin Auto for a 2013 Chevy Tahoe for $29,987 financed through the Stock Exchange bank at a 3 percent APR over 4 years.

In other action, the county board addressed a request from the Braun Family Trust for rezoning land northeast of the West Woodward Airport from agricultural to industrial.  After reviewing the request, the commissioners have scheduled a public hearing on Jan. 22 to allow residents to voice their opinion on the proposed rezoning prior to a board vote on the matter.

Several appointments also occurred at Monday's meeting.  The new District 2 Commissioner Randy Johnson will be the requisition officer for Highway district 2 with Elden Pummel and Larry Weir as his receiving officers. Tammy Roberts is the requisition officer for the County Clerk's Office and Angie Irwin and Leona Stricker are the receiving agents. And all 3 county commissioners will be the requisition officers for the County General and Charity funds, with Jonna Schmidt and Wendy Dunlap as receiving agents. Finally Todd Stoll was appointed as District 3 representative to the Woodward County Free Fair Board.

As an annual item of business that is conducted at the beginning of each new year, the county commissioners also selected their board chairman and vice chairman for 2013.

District 1 Commissioner Tommy Roedell will serve as chairman and the new board member, Randy Johnson will serve as vice chairman.