The Woodward News

December 3, 2013

Commissioners approve permit

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Woodward County Commissioners have approved a permit giving Oklahoma Gas and Electric permission to develop support structures for transmission lines in Woodward County flood plains.

The flood plains in question are situated on the north boarder, between Woods and Woodward County, said commission chairman Tommy Roedell.

The commissioners approved the permit at their regular meeting on Monday.

The transmission lines are a part of a large OG&E project that began in late summer.

In other business, three 10-year-old computers from the Woodward County Clerk's office were officially disposed of Monday.

According to state regulation, commissioners must vote to approve a resolution to dispose of any equipment valued at more than $500.

The computers were replaced by newer ones now serving the Woodward County Clerk's office.

Commissioners also approved a measure to allow a change to the already proposed budget for Woodward County OSU Extension Service. OSU Extension Agent Melanie Matt said the need for the change stems from an announcement of an OSU Extension employee who intends to retire next May.

"We need to supplement the budget enough so that we can hire and train someone before she leaves," Matt said.

The hiring of a new employee, while still employing the current employee, will cost more for a short time, Matt said.

However, the amount does not necessitate a request for any new funds, Matt said.

"We have carry over in that account, we just need to be able to show how we will use it," Matt said.

At 11 a.m., Commissioners resumed the meeting to open bid packets for limestone chip, as well as bids for grader blades and the bolts needed to attach the blades.

There were two bids to provide limestone, one from Dolese of Gotebo and one from Martin Marietta Materials of Avard;

1. Dolese's bid- 3/8th limestone chip-$9.80 per ton; 5/8 limestone chip-$9.60 per ton  and screenings-$6.90 per ton.

2. Martin Marietta Materials' bid-3/8th limestone chip-$23.50 per ton; 5/8 limestone chip-$24.00 per ton  and screenings-$19.50 per ton.

Commissioners voted to accept the bid from Dolese.

There were two bids to provide grader blades and the bolts to go with them from Dub Ross and C.L. Boyd.

1. Dub Ross' bid-Blades-$62.85, 2" bolts $1.16 and 2 1/2" bolts $1.18

2. C.L. Boyd's bid-Blades-$59.74, 2" bolts .86 and 2 1/2 bolts $1.09

Commissioners voted to approve both bids due to availability.