The Woodward News

June 20, 2013

Monster truck show to offer new thrills

Rachael Van Horn
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — It's got loud engines, vehicles crashing and trucks popping wheelies, the likes of which most never get to witness.

"It" is the Extreme Monster Truck Show and it is back to Woodward for its 4th year to wow crowds once again at the Crystal Beach Stadium.

The show is scheduled for June 29 beginning at 6:30 p.m. with a pre-show pit party, which is open to those who purchase a pit pass as well as those who purchase VIP box seating, according to event coordinator Jim Morris.

"They will be allowed to go out,  meet all the drivers and take photos with the drivers," Morris said.

The action will then get under way at 8 p.m., starting with the wheelie contest "where each truck gets a couple of attempts to do a cool wheelie," he said. "A lot of people want to see them standing real high, I mean standing straight up and whoever does the best one wins $5,000."

This year's show will feature two-time World Champion Monster Truck Equalizer as well as the "World's Largest Monster Truck," Sgt. Smash, he said.  Other trucks competing in the show include Red Solo, Get Er Done and Robo Machine.

After the wheelie contest, Morris said there will be a tough truck event featuring local drivers, putting their own trucks to the test over a bumpy course. The fastest time wins, Morris said.

"Half don't finish," Morris said. "But it's just a great time and good for local bragging rights."

After the intermission, Morris said there will be the highlight of the show, the "monster" of all monster trucks, "Megasaurus," making its first appearance in Woodward,

"This is like the most destructive, transforming thing-it's like a half truck half dinosaur and it can pick up a car in each hand and bite it in two," he said. "It's just the baddest thing."

After the Megasaurus, Morris said there will be a free style competition where each monster truck gets a chance to go one at a time to do whatever moves they want, be it wheelies, donuts, jumps or a combination of all 3, with $10,000 going to the winner.

Morris stressed that this year's show also has some "star quality" attached to it since it will be the venue for a new television show called "American Daredevils."  Morris said those attending the event could possibly be a part of an upcoming episode because Dr. Danger, the host of the TV show, will be performing a stunt for the show in Woodward.

"I'm not sure when that will be in the show since what he does might make a mess that I need to clean up," Morris said.

If you want to know what Dr. Danger's daredevil stunt might be, you'll have to attend the monster truck show on June 29.

For ticket information go to or call 1-817-851-8427. Tickets are also on sale at United Grocery Stores, Razien Metals and Sam's CDs in Woodward.