The Woodward News

October 8, 2012

High Plains board meets

Chris Cooper
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — After failing to reach a quorum to hold their regular meeting last week, the High Plains Technology Center's Board of Education held a special meeting Monday morning.

The agenda remained the same despite the postponement.

The HPTC board members discussed and approved a new school policy relating to Military Certification Senate Bill 1836.

"Basically the bill allows the High Plains Technology Center to give credit to military veterans who had been honorably discharged and were interested in attending classes at High Plains," HPTC Superintendent Dwight Hughes said.

Rather than requiring veterans to take basic classes to learn material they have already been trained and certified in by the U.S. military, the bill allows High Plains to give them credit for their certifications so they can continue their training at a more advanced stage.

Monday's meeting also featured the presentation of the Accreditation Site Report for the technology center.

"The High Plains Technology Center met accreditation with no deficiencies," according to Rachelle Rogers, administrative assistant at High Plains Technology Center.

This accreditation certifies that the High Plains Technology Center meets the standards for a quality education foundation as set by the State Board of Education.

In addition, the Board also voted in favor of approving the hiring of part-time instructors with favorable background checks, as well as approving the general fund encumbrances and the September 2012 activity fund report.

Hughes also recounted the success of recent a motocross fundraiser held by Vic Terbush, and he presented the board with a thank you letter from Pistol Drilling for recent training provided by the High Plains Technology Center.