The Woodward News

June 20, 2013

Yard of the Month contest is under way

Rowynn Ricks
Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Do you love to landscape? Are you a gardening guru?  Do you become a Picasso when you prune?

All your lawn care efforts could soon pay off through the Woodward Chamber of Commerce's annual "Yard of the Month" competition.

Members of the Chamber's Woodward Pride committee will be touring the city over the next few months, on the look out for well-manicured lawns and the best kept yards.

Woodward Pride committee member Charolett Waggoner said the contest judges will be "looking at appearance, neatness, and flower beds and shrubs also fit into the equation."

Chamber President C. J. Montgomery said that each month the judges will be selecting a business winner and 3 residential winners, who will receive prizes based on whether they place 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  He said the prizes will include gift certificates from JW's Nursery and Walmart, which are "our traditional sponsors for the contest."

Waggoner said the winners will be chosen from a different quadrant of the city each month, based on the following schedule:

• June - Northeast quadrant, for properties located east of 22nd St. and north of Oklahoma Ave.

• July - Southeast quadrant, for properties located east of 9th St. and south of Oklahoma Ave.

• August - Southwest quadrant, for properties located west of 9th St. and south of Oklahoma Ave.

• September - Northwest quadrant, for properties located west of 22nd St. and north of Oklahoma Ave.

Montgomery said that in the past the contest has typically covered a 5-month span from May to September, in which more winners are recognized.  But because of weather issues this spring, the start of the 2013 Yard of the Month competition had to be delayed.

"Since this Spring went so late and was so cold, a lot of yards got a late start," he said.  "If you remember it snowed at the beginning of May, so grass wasn't really growing in yet.  So that's the reason for the modification to this year's schedule."

Waggoner said that the Woodward Pride committee has already made the rounds and is in the process of narrowing down the finalists for the June Yard of the Month winners.

But there is plenty of time for those in the other quadrants of the city to get involved with the contest.

While there is no formal entry process for the contest, since the committee strives to look at all yards, Waggoner said that if you want to make sure your yard is considered, you can contact her or the Chamber and leave your address.

"We don't want to miss anybody, but occasionally as we're driving up and down streets we can miss someone," she said.  "So if they want us to take a good look at their yard, they can give us their address."

You can contact Waggoner at the Woodward County Courthouse where she works as the county clerk by calling 256-3625.  Or you can contact the Woodward Chamber at 256-7411.

Waggoner said the purpose of the Yard of the Month contest is "to promote pride in Woodward."

"It's a fun way each year to encourage citizens to maintain their individual yards and makes Woodward a more attractive city to both residents and visitors," she said.