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August 22, 2013

State rests in murder trial

Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — The state completed presentation of its case Thursday morning in the 2nd degree murder trial of David Lee Yelloweagle.

The state had 2 witnesses Thursday morning. Ashley Carriger testified about the events of that night and OSBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge David Sauls testified about interviewing Yelloweagle and how is demeanor was "detached."

In all the state called 8 witnesses over 3 days.

The defense then asked the judge to rule that the state didn't meet it's burden, but Judge Rick Bozarth ruled for the state and the defense is now presenting its case.

Before breaking for lunch, the defense called 4 witnesses, including Dillan Shane Hager, who pled guilty to murder in the case in 2013 and received a 35-year sentence.

Hager told the jury in his direct testimony that, "I'm the only one who touched him (Watkins)."

Yelloweagle is one of 3 men accused of killing Jon Michael Watkins in 2010. Two other defendants entered pleas earlier in the case.

On Wednesday, both the state and defense attorneys said their goal was to get the case to the jury by Friday afternoon.