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August 19, 2012

City to respond to FAA report

Woodward, Okla. — After a recent inspection at the West Woodward Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave the City of Woodward 30 days to respond to alleged non-compliance issues at the airport.

According to the Woodward City Commission agenda for the regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 20, the city has prepared a response just under that 30 day mark.

The inspection report and a letter from Edward Chambers, an FAA compliance program manager, were both dated July 24.  In his letter, Chambers wrote "We request that within the next thirty days the city develop a plan to complete the following corrective actions," which included a list of 9 actions that ranged from moving certain equipment off airport property to transferring title for certain parcels of land to the airport.

Following the last city commission meeting on Aug. 6, City Attorney Aaron Sims said he would be reviewing all pertinent documentation to determine what action, in his professional opinion, was really required by the city.

Sims is slated to make a presentation to city commissioners on his findings during their meeting on Monday at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

According to the city agenda packet, "The City Attorney will deliver the City's response to the FAA letter and report dated July 24, 2012."

The commissioners are only slated to listen to Sims' presentation, not approve, disapprove or take any other action regarding the response the attorney has developed.


However, the city commissioners are slated to take some kind of action regarding a proposed facilities use agreement between the city and Kid's Inc.

While most facilities use agreements are typically automatically approved as part of the commissioners' consent agenda, the proposed agreement with Kid's Inc. has been scheduled as a separate action item.

That is because unlike other facilities use agreements that follow a form with terms set out by the city,  the terms of this use agreement has been developed by the proposed user, Kid's Inc.

The Kid's Inc. Board has proposed an agreement by which Kid's Inc. will pay a $10,000 sum, in quarterly installments of $2,500, in return for an annual lease on the Kid's Inc. building and all surrounding ball fields to the north and south of Wendell Plank Dr. This will include a football field, 2 soccer fields, 2 softball fields, and 8 baseball fields as well as the basketball courts inside of the Kid's Inc. building. (Fuller Park, the tennis courts, and northernmost soccer fields located along Oklahoma Avenue, are not included in the proposed use agreement.)

Under the proposed agreement, Kid's Inc. would take over the responsibilities of scheduling which organizations can use the facilities and when.

The agreement states:  "User shall make every attempt to accommodate and schedule use of the facilities by other public organizations in an effort to provide not only the Kid's Inc. organization but all public organizations with premier sports facilities that shall be available and continually promote community progress and exposure."

Prior to the adoption of the Crystal Beach Master Plan in 2006, Kid's Inc. previously handled the scheduling for most of those fields.

However, as part of changes made in order to secure funding for improvements at Crystal Beach Park, the city began to require facility use agreements for the use of all venues at the park.  Since the improvements are funded with public money, the city had to make efforts to ensure that the facilities were open for use by the public.

But with the adoption of the city's one-size-fits-all use agreements, certain complaints have arisen over issues such as scheduling conflicts between Kid's Inc. and other organizations wanting to use certain fields on the same dates.

It appears the proposed user agreement hopes to avoid future conflicts by returning the scheduling duties for those fields to Kid's Inc.

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