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August 28, 2012

Woodward County Fair results

Woodward, Okla. — 4-H & FFA Contests

Poster Art:  

Lot 1: Chesley Comstock 1st


Lot 1: Shawna Adams 1st

Lot 2: Shawna Adams 1st

Lot 5: Allie Murphy 1st; Shawna Adams 2nd

Expressive Arts Division:

Lot 1: Megan Brock 1st, Dalton Dunkin 2nd, Leslie Smith 3rd, Shawna Adams 4th

Lot 2: Chesley Comstock 1st

Lot 3: Katherine Cockreham 1st, Ashlynn Cook 2nd, Dalton Dunkin 3rd, Hallie Cook 4th

Lot 4: Chesley Comstock 1st

Lot 5: Ashlyn Cook 1st, Tyler Zwink 2nd, Reese McGowen 3rd, Kinley McGowen 4th

Lot 7: Ashlynn Cook 1st, Katherine Cockreham 2nd, Megan Brock 3rd, Dalton Dunkin 4th

Lot 8: Chesley Comstock 1st

Lot 11: Dalton Dunkin 1st

Lot 13: Tyler Zwink 1st

Lot 15: Shawna Adams 1st

Lot 17: Leslie Smith 1st

Lot 19: Haley Gregory 1st

Lot 21: Payton Gregory 1st, Leslie Smith 2nd, Haley Gregory 3rd

Lot 23: Tyler Zwink 1st

Lot 24: Chesley Comstock 1st

Lot 29: Leslie Smith 1st

Lot 31: Ashlynn Cook 1st

Lot 37: Shawna Adams 1st

Lot 39: Tala Gillenwaters 1st

Lot 41: Leslie Smith 1st, Hallie Cook 2nd, Tala Gillenwaters 3rd

Lot 43: Tyler Zwink 1st, Leslie Smith 2nd

Lot 45: Tala Gillenwaters 1st

Lot 46: Chesley Comstock 1st, Tyler Zwink 2nd, Hallie Cook 3rd, Katherine Cockreham 4th

Lot 47: Kinley McGowen 1st

Lot 49: Shawna Adams 1st, Katherine Cockreham 2nd, Leslie Smith 3rd, Ashlynn Cook 4th

Lot 50: Chesley Comstock 1st

Lot 51: Ashlynn Cook 1st, Megan Brock 2nd, Katherine Cockreham 3rd, Shawna Adams 4th

Lot 52: Will Guthrie 1st, Chesley Comstock 2nd


Lot 6: Tala Gillenwaters 1st

Lot 16: Shawna Adams 1st

Lot 29: Allison Brock 1st

Lot 32: Leslie Smith 1st


Lot 1: Emalee Nail 1st

Lot 2: Tala Gillenwaters 1st, Emalee Nail 2nd

Lot 3: Payton Gregory 1st, Emalee Nail 2nd

Lot 5: Haley Gregory 1st

Lot 9: Emalee Nail 1st, Harlee Newby 2nd, Payton Gregory 3rd

Lot 12: Haley Gregory 1st

Personal Development

Lot 20: Emalee Nail 1st

Lot 21: Shawna Adams 1st

Electrification Exhibit

Lot 5: Payton Gregory 1st

Model Rocketry

Lot 11: Chesley Comstock 1st


Lot 3: Tala Gillenwaters 1st

Lot 17: Leslie Smith 1st

Lot 19: Leslie Smith 1st


Lot 3: Emalee Nail 1st

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